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St Luke's Galt
Our family visited St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Galt, California on Sunday, May 14, 2017. This small congregation is warm and generous. They've been blessed with a truly beautiful place to worship. Sunday was a Holy Communion service according to Rite II of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. Rev. Nixon presided and the homily was delivered by James Wirrell. My son Athanasius (3...
We are putting together a "table" about Anglicanism for use on college campuses. Looking for ideas of items that would interest, educate, and pique the curiosity of students. Ideas so far: Prayerbook(s) CS Lewis stuff  Thurible  Vestments Chalice/Altar wares Bells Icons  Ordo Kalendar Missal/Hymnal Feel free to post suggestions below.
On April 16, 2017, I visited Resurrection Anglican Church in Placerville, California. I attended with my wife Sarah and our children Athanasius and Assumpta. The service was an Easter vigil according to 1979 Book of Common Prayer and included a baptism.
Our family often visited Wellspring Anglican Church while we lived in Lathrop, California in 2016-2017. Wellspring is a strong congregation with a wonderful blend of both old and new worship styles (1979 Book of Common Prayer). Father Michael and Father Tom offer solid, orthodox sermons and liberally invest their time in the lives of their congregants. Wellspring is also an example of...