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My name is Father Steve Macias and I am a Priest in California’s Silicon Valley.

I am the Headmaster at Canterbury Christian School and Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church.

I am a presbyter (priest/pastor/minister) in the Reformed Episcopal Church, a founding jurisdiction of the Anglican Church in North America.

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    A Reformed Episcopal Priest & Classical Educator
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    Launching Canterbury Theological Library, Los Altos, CA

    Western Seminary has gifted us the library from their former San Jose campus. I’m very excited to have acquired over 3,000 books plus book carts and double-sided shelving.

    Setting up our small theological library will be an exciting project.

    Here are some steps that come to my mind as I am working through the process to make the books available for our community:

    Assessing the collection:
    We have a general inventory of the 3,000+ books in an excel spreadsheet. I will need help categorizing them based on topics, such as biblical studies, theology, church history,...

    Officer – Overseer in KRS-One’s “Sound of da Police” – Psuedo-Etymological Fallacy

    Officer/Overseer Psuedo-etymology

    KRS-One is an Bronx rapper famous for his political and social commentary infused lyrics. One of his more controversial songs was “Sound...

    A Day at Stanford Hospital (Palo Alto, CA) with the Spiritual Care Team

    In the heart of Silicon Valley, amid the bustling city of Stanford, a remarkable journey of service and compassion unfolds every day. Kafunyi Mwamba,...

    Attended the 57th General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church

    As a presbyter (priest) in the Reformed Episcopal Church, I am also a voting member of the General Council. I recently had the privilege...

    Anglican View of the Church Fathers

    While some authors seem to go far towards the substitution of the fathers for the written word of God, others in their abhorrence of...

    Total Victory

    Truman addressed the Armed Forces in 1945 with his famous Total Victory radio address:

    “The war, to which we have devoted all the resources...

    Criss-Crossing the Lug Nuts: A Balanced Approach to Moralistic vs. Christocentric Preaching

    At the gym we go to, the workouts are categorized into Endurance (longer cardio, more but lighter reps), Power (short bursts like sprints and...

    Confusing Anglican Labels

    In response to a recent message, I typed out what I thought would be helpful distinctions of historic Anglican “brands.” Brands is the wrong...

    Solus Christus – Christ Alone – Satan’s Temptation of Christ

    Christ Alone – Solus Christus “For the devil would not have assailed thee, unless he had seen thee brought to greater honor. Hence, for example,...

    Why I left the ACNA (Anglican Church in North America)

    My notes (Not a transcript):

    Today I’d like to share my personal journey within the realm of ecclesiastical politics, particularly within the Anglican Church...

    I help Christians discover their calling in God’s Kingdom so that they may lead purpose-filled lives with victory, hope, and abundance.

    About Me

    Father Steve Macias is an Anglican priest in the Reformed Episcopal Church (ACNA). He is the Headmaster of Canterbury School and Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church. He is married to Sarah and the father to Athanasius, Anselm, Assumpta, Basil and Zoe. His professional work consulting with political campaigns, leading nonprofit organizations, and in the California State Capitol has been recognized by The Los Angeles Times, National Review Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, The Chalcedon Foundation, and numerous online and print publications. You can reach him on twitter @stevemacias.