About Me

My name is Father Steve Macias and I am a Priest in California’s Silicon Valley.

I am the Headmaster at Canterbury Christian School and Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church.

I am a presbyter (priest/pastor/minister) in the Reformed Episcopal Church, a founding jurisdiction of the Anglican Church in North America.

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    A Reformed Episcopal Priest & Classical Educator

    Thanks for your interest in contacting me. Here are some of the specific reasons you may want to get in touch with me and how to do it.

    Meeting Requests and Phone Calls

    If you would like to get in touch over the phone or schedule and in person meeting, please contact my executive assistant Miss Kathy Goodell at (650) 949-0909 or office@canterburycs.org

    If you are interested in reposting or reprinting one of my blog posts,

    • Link to my site or any specific post on my site.
    • Extract and re-post less than 200 words on any other site, provided you link back to my original post. you are interested in writing a guest post for my blog, you should know that I no longer consider unsolicited requests. I just don’t have the time to give these the attention they deserve. If you submit a guest post or send an inquiry, you will get an auto-reply that restates what I just said.

    You can send mail, cards, photos, and books here:

    The Rev. Fr. Steve Macias
    101 North El Monte Avenue
    Los Altos, CA 94022