Is Yours A Holy Family?


Last week, I met with Andrea Schwartz on Chalcedon’s Out Of This World Podcast to discuss, “Is Yours a Holy Family?”

Does the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph model something special for the Christian Family today? In this podcast, we will discuss how, It is not a matter of coincidence that God used a family to bring salvation into the world.

Listen to the podcast here and I’ve posted some notes below.

The Idolatry of the Family

Contrary to the above idea that we risk idolatry if we put too much emphasis on the family, I posit, as Dr. Rushdoony taught, that the family is God’s primary place for teaching the Gospel. Before God established the church, temple, or tribe – he established the family.

Andrea rightly points out that it is ridiculous to think that the issue with Evangelicalism is the idolatry of the family when so many American Christian families have surrendered on family values.

If we look around in our culture today, the issue is the brokenness of the American family. What is missing has very little to do with an overemphasis on family, but rather the missing structure, foundation, and godly life that a family can provide. Despite its many abuses, the covenant family is God’s stated standard and normative way of life.

The P-Word: Patriarchy

The word “patriarchy” is often used to deride the traditional Christian family. What a slight against the faith of the Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – our Godly Patriarchs! The desire of God’s people throughout history has been to raise up a godly seed that they may take dominion – which requires embracing children as God’s gracious gift.

The Eschatological Family

Every family must be a spiritual family, not a mere biological entity. We must die to the world, and be born again to the purposes of the Kingdom. The hardships and sufferings of this life sanctify the families of this world for the next. God has made certain covenantal promises for the future of this world and given them to the family.