Boltoph Osb When the Quidditch game goes awry and your wand is broken.

Karl Webb “And this, young ladies, is how you pull a branch down on your head.”

Dan Brannan Medjugorjean monk high on incense spots an apparition in the trees.

Tyna Begley “And this, students, is the Common Paper Wasp’s nest…”

Doug Enick Fr. Macias reaches to strike the pinata.

Matthew Johnson When your prayers to God start to go to Heaven, but then get stuck in the neighbor’s tree.

Ian Shou stick with it.

Ian Thomas Wilson Me, trying to reach God through my own righteousness

Mark Rushdoony “The Flying Priest”

David La Mar Pointers aren’t just for the classroom any more. Now available from TeachCo Industries…the Field Trip Edition of the Extendi-Pointer.

Joshua Elijah Drake Theosis be like…

Kal Sandhu Geez!! That’s a tall padre 🙂

Brian Nolder “If it’s me speaking, it’s ‘amo’; if it’s you, it’s, ‘amas’; if it’s all those birds up there, it’s ‘amant’ . . .”

Shawn Riley What the vicar thought was a basketball was, sadly, a wasps nest.