Socialism is a form of political envy under the ruse of fairness. Many conservative pastors rightly dismiss political socialism because they recognize that human nature is compromised by sin. Rightfully recognizing that a spiritual reality affects the political and thus economic systems of this world.

But how much of the criticism of the “prosperity gospel” is also a form of spiritual envy? Are our modern Reformed gnostics really preaching a poverty gospel? How much of their criticism of wellness preachers for positive work ethic and faithful stewardship is simply embracing the same envy mentality of “fairness” in socialism.

How many loser pastors attack these preachers to cover their own secret envy for large churches, big budgets, and book deals?

The “lucky if we lose” pastors hate prosperity gospel preachers, but perhaps it’s less about “cotton candy Christianity” and more about their own unwillingness to believe the Kingdom promises for this world. They embrace victimhood and suffering – not to the point of martyrdom, but for the sake of suburban comfort and personal peace.

Perhaps then it is more about their own inability (or refusal) to bring God’s promises and plowshare together here in this world.