Athy’s class diagramming a sentence – one of my favorite activities to watch!

The kids orally work through a question and answer flow. For example, “The bears ran to the woods.”

The kids say:

1. What ran to the woods? bears – Subject Noun
2. What is being said about bears? bears ran – Verb
3. To – Preposition
4. To what? woods – Object of the Preposition
5. The – Article adjective
6. The – Article adjective

Classified Sentence:
The (a) bears (SN) ran (V) to (P) the (A) woods.(OP)


Miss Lien leads our first graders as one group stands to orally diagram a sentence using the “Shurley Method.”

Canterbury students develop a love of the English language and the ability to use it correctly with ease and confidence.

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Steve Macias
Father Steve Macias is an Anglican priest in California's Silicon Valley. He is the Headmaster of Canterbury Christian School, Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, and Archdeacon of the West Coast for the Anglican Churches of America. He is married to Sarah and the father to Athanasius, Anselm, Assumpta, Basil and Zoe. His professional work consulting with political campaigns, leading nonprofit organizations, and in the California State Capitol has been recognized by The Los Angeles Times, National Review Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, The Chalcedon Foundation, and numerous online and print publications. You can reach him on twitter @stevemacias.