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My name is Father Steve Macias and I am a Priest in California’s Silicon Valley.

I am the Headmaster at Canterbury Christian School and Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church.

I am a presbyter (priest/pastor/minister) in the Reformed Episcopal Church, a founding jurisdiction of the Anglican Church in North America.

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    A Reformed Episcopal Priest & Classical Educator

    Transformation by Worship (Through New Eyes)

    Through New Eyes, Chapters 11-13
    Book Link:

    Study Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xn1_vsdko90OH6A6qhfgzEsIr4Fy7ccFHYN6CvmFqCs/edit?usp=sharing

    The Process of Transformation Henry Van Til: [Culture] “is the activity of man as image-bearer of his Creator in forming nature to his purposes.” 

    The Five & Six-Fold Patterns

    First, God took hold of the creationJesus took bread. Reader lays hold of word. 
    [blank]Jesus gave thanks. Thanks for the word.
    Second, God restructured the creation. Jesus broke the bread. Word is broken down by preaching. 
    Third, God distributed His work. Jesus distributed the bread.Word is distributed. 
    Fourth, God evaluated His work.They all tasted it. People evaluate what they hear. 
    Fifth, God enjoyed His workThey remained with him. People are inspired/instructed. 

    Compare to four-fold of Dom Gregory Dix: —Offertory, Thanksgiving, Fraction, Communion. 

    Jordan: “Such simple, mundane actions constantly and unavoidably ‘imitate God’s actions in the building of the world. Every calling in life, indeed every action in life, thus has immeasurable dignity.” (p.121) 

    Man as King: “True kingship is by service, and is never apart from service.” (p. 135) 

    • See examples of Solomon w/animals and Adam w/creation of Eve. [SHEPHERD]

    Man as Priest: “In human society, it is actually a priestly task to establish·and

    enforce boundaries.” (p. 136)  [GUARD]

    • Guarding the garden vs. Satan’s access to the garden vs. Temple (Holy of Holies)

    Man as Prophet: “In the area of prophecy, men go from being hearers of God’s Word, to seers who explain God’s Word, and finally to prophets who are consulted by God. God hears the prayers of all, of course; but in the fullest sense, being a prophet is a privilege of maturity” (p. 141) 

    The Three-Decker Universe: Hell, Earth, Heaven.
    “The sky-heaven is an image, a symbol, a reminder of the highest heaven…the same thing is true of the sea, or abyss. The “deep,” the “abyss” of the sea points beyond itself to The Abyss, the place where the devil and the wicked will spend eternity.” (p. 145) 

    The Four Corners of the Earth:
    “This image of the four-cornered world takes its rise from the fact that four rivers flowed out of the Garden of Eden to water the whole world…The four rivers going to the four corners can and should be associated with the four faces of the cherubim (Ezekiel 1:10), the four sides of the camp of Israel (Numbers 2), and the four limbs of the cross: It is a fundamental symbol of the world structure.” (p. 148) 

    The Mountain: “Mountain symbolism is found in all world religions. The Hindus had Mount Meru; the Japanese, Fujiyama; and the Greeks, Olympus. 12 It is also found throughout Scripture. Thus, Abraham offered Isaac on Mount Moriah (Genesis 22:2); 

    Moses received the law on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19-24); Elijah defeated Baal on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18) and received his commission renewed on Mount Sinai (1 Kings 19); Jesus preached His definitive sermon on a mount (Matthew 5), was transfigured on a mount (2 Peter 1:16-18), and gave his final, great commission on a mountain (Matthew 28:18-20)” (p. 156) 

    “Ours is not a day of cathedral-building, but a day of cultural permeation. Faithfulness must come first, and only then will glory come.” (p. 155) 

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    I help Christians discover their calling in God’s Kingdom so that they may lead purpose-filled lives with victory, hope, and abundance.

    About Me

    Father Steve Macias is an Anglican priest in the Reformed Episcopal Church (ACNA). He is the Headmaster of Canterbury School and Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church. He is married to Sarah and the father to Athanasius, Anselm, Assumpta, Basil and Zoe. His professional work consulting with political campaigns, leading nonprofit organizations, and in the California State Capitol has been recognized by The Los Angeles Times, National Review Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, The Chalcedon Foundation, and numerous online and print publications. You can reach him on twitter @stevemacias.