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My name is Father Steve Macias and I am a Priest in California’s Silicon Valley.

I am the Headmaster at Canterbury Christian School and Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church.

I am a presbyter (priest/pastor/minister) in the Reformed Episcopal Church, a founding jurisdiction of the Anglican Church in North America.

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    A Reformed Episcopal Priest & Classical Educator

    My Ancestry.com’s DNA Results

    Studying my own ancestral origins has always been a fascinating endeavor. While both of my parents’ birth certificates indicate “white” as their ethnicity, their individual family trees are a bit more complicated.

    My mother, with her name Thora, carries a strong connection to her Swedish heritage. My father’s identity has been shaped by his Mexican heritage, evident in his dark complexion. While my grandparents spoke Spanish fluently, my father was discouraged from learning and I didn’t start studying the language until I was fourteen.

    Thanks to advancements in DNA testing, platforms like Ancestry.com can now provide us with detailed insights into our genetic makeup and the diverse regions that have contributed to our heritage. In this blog post, I’ve pasted the DNA results highlighting the 16 world regions that my DNA resembles the most.

    1. Spain – 20%: With 20% of my DNA resembling that of Spain, I can trace a significant portion of my ancestry to the Iberian Peninsula. The vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse landscapes of Spain undoubtedly contribute to the tapestry of my genetic heritage.
    2. Indigenous Americas—Mexico – 16%: My connection to Indigenous Americas—Mexico suggests a lineage tied to the ancient civilizations that thrived in this region. Specifically, my DNA indicates a connection to communities in Sonora, Mexico, and Southwestern Arizona, Eastern Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Western Guanajuato, and Western Aguascalientes, Northern Jalisco, and Southern Zacatecas.
    3. England & Northwestern Europe – 16%: My genetic makeup also points to a strong presence of English and Northwestern European ancestry. Perhaps my Anglophile nature is not entirely unfounded and it makes sense for me to be an Anglican (English Church) priest. A couple years ago I did a video about the English church before it was Roman here on youtube: https://youtu.be/x7u9XV67PNI
    4. Sweden & Denmark – 12%: The Scandinavian connection is a prominent part of my DNA, with 12% of my genetic makeup resembling that of Sweden and Denmark. I wonder if my Celtic ancestors were pillaged by Vikings. Always enjoyed the Edda and Norse Mythology – my mother is a Thora. There’s a great deal of cultural and academic value in studying the Norse Myths, here my intro to Norse Myths post: https://www.stevemacias.com/intro-to-norse-mythology/
    5. Wales – 8%: The enchanting land of Wales holds a special place in my genetic heritage. What if I was related to St. David?
    6. Scotland – 6%: Ever since I learned about Calvinism of the Scottish Kirk, the allure of the Scottish Highlands and the vibrant Scottish culture resonates deeply within me, but 6% is likely not deep enough to have a true Tartan.

      The remaining are each less than 5%:

    7. Germanic Europe – 4%: Germanic Europe
    8. Basque – 4%:
    9. The Balkans – 3%:
    10. Northern Italy – 3%:
    11. Northern Africa – 2%
    12. Norway – 2%:
    13. Jewish – 1%:
    14. Sardinia – 1%:
    15. Southern Italy
    16. France – 1%:

    Ancestry.com’s DNA results have unveiled a diverse and captivating tapestry of genetic heritage. From the rugged landscapes of Spain to the ancient civilizations of Mexico, the green hills of England to the majestic fjords of Norway, and the cultural influences of Sweden, Denmark, and beyond, my DNA is a mosaic of world regions that have shaped my ancestry. Exploring these connections not only provides a deeper understanding of my own identity but also celebrates the diversity and interconnectedness of humanity as a whole. It is a testament to the rich tapestry of human history and the fascinating stories that lie within each of us.

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    About Me

    Father Steve Macias is an Anglican priest in the Reformed Episcopal Church (ACNA). He is the Headmaster of Canterbury School and Rector of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church. He is married to Sarah and the father to Athanasius, Anselm, Assumpta, Basil and Zoe. His professional work consulting with political campaigns, leading nonprofit organizations, and in the California State Capitol has been recognized by The Los Angeles Times, National Review Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, The Chalcedon Foundation, and numerous online and print publications. You can reach him on twitter @stevemacias.